Judaica Portfolio

The Jewish calendar is marked by rituals of all kinds, from morning blessings to yearly festivals celebrated by an entire community. Many aspects of this practice involve Judaica, special objects crafted specifically to observe the many mitzvot (commandments) that Jews may engage in.

There is a philosophy behind the creation of these ritual items called hiddur mitzvah, or “beautification of the commandment” that gives an artist the opportunity to enhance the experience of the ritual itself by creating a particularly beautiful or special piece of Judaica. This idea is of particular significance to me as a practicing Jew, because my own experience of Judaism influences and inspires the Judaica I make. Part of my practice includes thinking about how Judaica can be made and designed to make rituals feel new, and to bring out meaning that the participant in the ritual may not have experienced before. Part of this involves working with unusual fabrics, colors, and designs.

In addition to fabric, cut paper art has been used by Jewish artists for centuries to decorate ketubot (wedding contracts), excerpts from the Torah, and blessings that may be hung in the home. One traditional use of paper cuttings is to decorate the Birkat HaBayit(house blessing) that hangs in some Jewish homes. I create paper cuts for any occasion or holiday, or with excerpts from tanakh(Torah/Prophets/Writings) or liturgy. If you are interested in purchasing a paper cutting to frame the text of your ketubah, please contact me, as price will depend on size, amount of work, etc.

There are so many Jewish rituals and they can be celebrated in many different ways, so please contact me about whatever you’re interested in, even if you don’t see it mentioned here.

Fabric Jewish ritual items that can be ordered include:

  • Challah covers
  • Matzah/afikomen covers
  • Tallit bags (at this point I do not make tallitot but there are many artists that sell beautiful work online)
  • Tefillin bags
  • Mizrachs
  • Keepsake bags for the glass that is broken at the end of a wedding

Cut paper pieces can be ordered to decorate the following blessings and documents:

  • Ketubahs
  • Traditional blessings for girl or boy
  • Aishet Hayil
  • Birkat Ha’Bayit