My Work

Cut Paper Pieces

Cut paper is an incredibly versatile medium that can be used for almost any purpose. I will make cut paper pieces that celebrates a child’s birth, features a line from a poem or a quote, or incorporates quotations from the Torah or Jewish prayers. Please contact me if you have a request other than those above – I love having the opportunity to do something new. All paper cuttings are made completely by hand with an x-acto knife and highly light-resistant, acid-free paper.

I have most recently added wedding invitations to my work. I can provide a custom made design for a card that is either printed or paper cut on a laser cutter. Please contact me for details.

Felt Wall Art

Each wall hanging is unique and completely hand-sewn for the recipient. In the past I have made them in honor of the birth of a child, but they can truly be made for any purpose.

Fabric Judaica

Challah covers can say “Shabbat v’Yom Tov”, “Shabbat Shalom”, “HaMotzi” or other wording of your choosing, in Hebrew or English. If you are interested in commissioning other fabric Judaica, including tallit bags, tefillin bags, or anything else, please contact me so we can discuss your needs.


I make custom-designed paper cut ketubah art that accompanies the text of a ketubah (please note that I do not provide the text of the document). I would love to work with you on creating a personal piece of art that reflects your story as a couple.